About Us

Guangzhou Dannol Electronics Co., LTD. is a comprehensive import/ export company with main product of quartz clocks, involving technology R&D, product designing, marketing & sales, e-commerce, customer service and logistics transportation management.

We have domestic and foreign designing team, focusing on home decor wall clock, standing clock, alarm clock with various styles/ materials/ sizes and other home decoration products.

Our products are traded to EU, US, Middle East, South East Asia, Japan, South Korea and some other countries/ areas. We are the long-term qualified foreign supplier of some world famous train stores of furniture and decorations. Our customers include LOCK & LOCK from South Korea, INFORMA from Indonesia, MR DIY from Malaysia, INDEX LIVING MALL from Thailand, TFA from Germany, ALBA from France, some fan-shops of football teams and cross-border sellers on AMAZON, Ebay, WISH.

We implement ISO9001 & ISO14001, and our products can meet CE, RoHS, REACH and some other norms in EU and US.